I had been afflicted with obesity from a relatively young age. I had undergone several routes to lose weight including diet plans, naturopathy etc. but each time I would start putting on weight after the end of the programme.

My problem intensified after child birth when I started putting on weight but could not lose any despite trying to control my diet and so on.

This continued for many years till I crossed the age of 50 and my doctors, friends and others had started warning me that I needed to lose weight due to the high risk to my life. I had in the meantime, reached a stage where I had completely given up hope in living, had stopped trying to lose weight and had left my fate to God. I had lost interest in life, in achieving anything in life , did not go out much, lost interest in making friends and so on.

This continued till I was introduced to Dr, Amit Garg at Fortis in 2017. He was the first one to actually understand my problem. He had one solution- go for bariatric surgery or lose your life- the choice is yours. I deliberated on this with my family and friends who encouraged me to go for the procedure.

I opted for the procedure and went through it on July 7 2017. Despite all the counselling by Dr, Amit Garg and his team, I was not sure if I would come out of the OT alive. But I was wrong. This procedure changed me and my life completely. Today I have lost over 100 Kgs. I have gained confidence, many of my health issues associated with weight problems are being resolved steadily. I have the motivation to achieve and be something in life.

My life has transformed into a more vibrant and positive life since then . A few of the many changes that my family and I noticed are –

1- I’m much more energetic and cheerful.

2- I used to get breathless easily on even the smallest movement but now that is fully controlled.

3- I can’t sit still any longer. I feel like accomplishing the maximum because everything seems easier to do with my new found energy.

4- I was cranky and impatient earlier, now I am always very optimistic and spread joy wherever I go.

5- After losing over 100 kgs, now I can do the tasks easily that I once found extremely difficult.

6- My skin has improved and it glows because of a healthier diet .

7- Before the surgery, I felt rejected by friends and family, but now I feel that I’m attracting many positive people into my life .

8- I have overcome my hypertension, knee pain and low sugar levels after this operation.

9- I feel much stronger and therefore my life has become much busier as I’m able to exert myself and participate in more activities.

10- I am more confident of myself now as opposed to earlier as I used to find excuses to avoid going out because I had many complexes, but today I happily go out and interact.

12. I had a passion for music but singing was not easy earlier because I used to gasp for breath after one line. Today I can flawlessly sing and feel so rejuvenated.

13. My husband and children suffered the most as I could not look after even their basic needs. My husband had to switch between being a father and mother. That guilt used to want me to take my life. My incapability at that time has now been replaced by 200 percent affection and attention towards my family.

14. Today it’s the love and affection of my children, my husband and parents who neither rebuked or scoffed me for what I had become. Their patience and love also brought about these changes in my life. My parents encouraged me never to give up in my life and I was always welcome in their house where they helped me with my multiple health issues. In fact they took out time from their busy schedules to get me the best treatments. I will always be grateful to them.

People have a mindset about how they perceive an obese person. The intelligence levels to seem of no consequence if you are huge. You may have the capability of being in par with the highest authority but it is only when your appearance is ideal than the job offers pour in. Despite doing my masters and B.Ed I was not considered eligible for any job until I took this step. Today offers are pouring in for administrative and teaching jobs. But I am confused how my appearance has suddenly manifested so many opportunities. Whatever if you reach a higher level of obesity accept it, the society will always judge you.

Obesity may be worse than any other disease but if one makes up ones mind than nothing should deter us from taking action as we are responsible for our own health and how we want to live our life. Let nobody ever try to discourage you or give you reasons not to change your life. When I made up my mind to get operated and shared this with a close relative she made a face as if she is about to cry and said you know I lost my best friend who got this surgery done don’t think of it. At that time I could have got discouraged but I realized that the way I already was, I was at more risk of dying in any case.

Also in my quest for finding the right doctor I realized how a patient can be taken for a proper ride. At a famous hospital of Gurgaon, I was told to get knee replacement and the doctor instead of listening to me or guiding me about beatric surgery was keen that I first get my knees replaced and then think of gastric bypass. I told him that if I get my gastric bypass done then in anycase I won’t require knee replacement to which he said you must not be listening to anyone at home also that is why you are so obese. The truth is that if we are obese we are bound to have knee, kidney and thyroid related issues along with sugar related problems. If obesity is taken care of, then all these issues will automatically get cured.

Anyone who is planning to get a Bariatric surgery done should keep a few points in mind:

• The surgeon and his capabilities should be kept in mind. One should see the types of procedures he does.
• Not one Bariatric surgery suits all. Depending upon the condition of the patient, health issues and life style, the surgery is decided.
• One should also check what kind of support system is available for the patient after surgery .

I must have met at least 15 doctors before coming to Fortis and am grateful for having met Dr. Amit Garg.

I want to thank Doctor Amit Garg and his team for giving me a new lease in my life and for making my experience during and after the operation so enjoyable and for being my biggest support as they were always available for any advice or guidance I needed. Coming regularly for follow ups helped me psychologically and helped me in my weight loss journey. I can confidently say that the only reason I’m living my life vibrantly today is because of this surgery, it has changed me to become a person of high esteem, full of confidence and a full throttled passion to conquer the world with my new outlook.

Dipika Swarup

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