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Why Dr. Amit Garg is recognized as the best Mini Gastric Bypass surgeon / Weight Loss Surgeon in Mohali, Punjab I India?

Dr Amit Garg, the best bariatric surgeon in Punjab. He is a chief consultant, bariatric & metabolic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali, Punjab. He is one of the pioneers of Mini Gastric Bypass / weight loss Surgery in India and has done the highest number of Mini gastric bypass surgeries for super obese patients.

Dr. Amit Garg has done three fellowships in Minimal Access Bariatric Surgery and is a certified Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery with vast experience of more than one and half decade with high success rate in performing most complex procedures.

Dr Amit Garg is the First surgeon in Punjab to get trained by the International Bariatric Surgery Excellence Federation, IEF (Taiwan).He is the First Bariatric surgeon in Punjab who performed Mini gastric bypass for super obese patient with BMI of 76 Kg/m2

Dr Garg is the founder and director of CODSILS (Advanced Weight Loss Center ) At CODSILS, Weight loss procedure is customized for every patients thorough assessment of the patient and it depends on various parameters related to patient’s age, BMI, health issues (Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, depression, sleep apnea, GERD etc), dietary habits, lifestyle and patient willingness for compliance to supplements etc.

Dr Amit Garg

Minimal Access Bariatric

Metabolic & GI Surgeon

If you are looking for the Best Bariatric surgeon in India / Punjab, Dr. Amit Garg is the only surgeon in the region who performs 7 different types of procedures with a high success rate. His center CODSILS is known for the best post operative support and follow up program. The center not only does weight loss surgeries but also gives training and motivates you to develop healthy eating habits and modify lifestyle so that you gain sustainable and long term health benefits of bariatric surgery.

Our technique of Mini Gastric bypass in Punjab is different from other centers and that is the reason that our patients do not face problems like marginal ulcers, loose motions, flatulence, weakness or malnutrition

mini gastric bypass surgery

At CODSILS, mini gastric bypass is considered one of the safest and most powerful among all procedures. It is a reversible procedure and has best long-term results. Mini gastric bypass is a powerful procedure and leads to Type 2 diabetes remission in patients suffering from Metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Amit Garg is an expert in customizing mini gastric bypass procedures according to a patient’s BMI, diabetes status and weight loss outcome desired by the patient. Dr. Amit Garg has conducted multiple workshops and has trained many surgeons across India.

mini gastric bypass surgery

Why Dr Amit Garg is the best surgeon for /mini gastric bypass ?

Mini Gastric Bypass Procedure Details

Mini gastric bypass in Punjab is very common as it best suits the lifestyle and eating habits of people in this region. In this procedure a long gastric pouch is created along the lesser curvature of the stomach. 180cm – 200cm of the small intestine is bypassed and then the intestine is connected with the new stomach pouch so that food is separated from the gastric and biliary juices. The food and juices start mixing after a bypass of 2 meters of intestine resulting in lesser and delayed absorption of nutrients.

Mini gastric bypass in Punjab is very common as it best suits the lifestyle and eating habits of people in this region. In this procedure a long gastric pouch is created along the lesser curvature of the stomach. 180cm – 200cm of the small intestine is bypassed and then the intestine is connected with the new stomach pouch so that food is separated from the gastric and biliary juices. The food and juices start mixing after a bypass of 2 meters of intestine resulting in lesser and delayed absorption of nutrients.

Mini gastric bypass in Punjab I Dr Amit Garg I Best surgeon for mini gastric bypass in Punjab

Safest bariatric Surgery – mini gastric bypass

Who are the candidates for Mini Gastric Bypass?

  • Patients with BMI > 40 Kg/m2
  • Patients with BMI > 35 Kg/m2 along with obesity related health issues like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea etc

Is Mini Gastric Bypass safe surgery in India?

In expert hands, all bariatric procedures are safe. At our center CODSILS, we consider mini bypass to be the safest bariatric procedure. It is done laparoscopically with minimal cuts and no blood loss. The hospital stay and recovery is fast. Patients can return to normal work post discharge.

Benefits of Mini gastric Bypass

  • 70% Excess weight loss
  • Easy to perform (surgery time is usually 60 minutes)
  • Lesser chances of obstruction or internal hernias
  • Best suits to patient who are foody
  • Powerful procedure for Type 2 Diabetes remission

Life after Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Punjab?

Patients can have a normal life after mini gastric bypass surgery. Patients are encouraged to start liquids on the same day of surgery with small sips. Gradually in a one month time period, patients move from thick liquid and to a soft diet and within one month they are able to start a normal diet. Our patients are very happy after Mini gastric bypass as it causes 70% of excess weight loss within one year post surgery.

Diet after Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Punjab

Patients have 4 phases of diet after mini gastric bypass

  • Liquid diet for 7 to 10 days
  • Puree diet for next 7 -10 days
  • Soft diet for next 7 -10 days
  • Normal diet

Mini gastric bypass is one surgery which requires compulsory eating and for long term results you must adapt to good eating habits like eating frequent small meals rich in protein.

Cost of bariatric surgery in India / Cost of Mini Gastric bypass surgery in Punjab / cost of gastric bypass in India / Low cost mini bypass surgery in India / Mini bypass surgery cost in punjabRedirect

The average cost of Mini gastric Bypass surgery at CODSILS Punjab varies from 3.0 lakhs to 4.0 lakhs depending on the room category and choice of hospital. For more detailed information on cost visit our page of cost of bariatric surgery in India.

Best Hospital for Mini Gastric Bypass in Punjab

There are many centers in Punjab who perform Mini gastric bypass surgery. When deciding on the center for getting mini gastric bypass surgery, one needs to take two factors into consideration.

Firstly, mini gastric bypass procedures are performed in morbid obese patients with multiple health issues which will require multidisciplinary support during and post surgery. For the safety of the patient during the surgery and smooth recovery post surgery, these procedures should be done in hospitals with a multi disciplinary team support.

Second important factor is the expertise & experience of the surgeon in handling complex cases.

If you can find an experienced surgeon in a good multispecialty hospital in Punjab, that should be your choice of surgery.

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Is mini gastric bypass safe?

At our center all bariatric procedures are safe because Dr. Amit Garg has experience of more than a decade and a half and has performed these surgeries in thousands of patients. Mini gastric bypass is considered as one of the safest bariatric procedures because it has only one anastomosis compared to other bypass procedures with two anastomosis. Also these procedures are performed laparoscopically with minimal cuts and almost no blood loss.

Mini gastric bypass in New Delhi

Many international patients do look for bariatric surgery in Delhi or Mini gastric bypass surgery in New Delhi and there are many centers who perform bariatric surgery but many patients from Delhi prefer to get the surgery done at Mohali Punjab because of multiple reasons

  • Highly experienced surgeon Dr.Amit Garg with excellent results
  • Associated with Fortis Hospital since 2014 (Fortis hospital Mohali is the First hospital of Fortis group)
  • Affordable bariatric surgery packages which are almost 30% lesser than New Delhi and other metro cities.
  • Best Multidisciplinary team to handle complex patients

Side Effects of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Post mini gastric bypass, patients are required to take a high protein diet and lifelong supplements. In the long run, failure to do so can result in nutritional deficiency and poor outcome of the surgery.

Is mini gastric bypass reversible / Can I get my mini bypass reversed

Yes, mini gastric bypass is best known for its reversibility. All our patients are happy after Mini gastric bypass and don’t need reversal. Some patients who need to lose weight for undergoing liver or kidney transplant get reversal of the procedure after they have achieved the desired weight.

However, if any patient has poor compliance with protein diet or finds it difficult to take supplements or has developed the wrong social habit of smoking and developed marginal ulcers then we can completely reverse it in less than 1 hour.

Do I need to take supplements after mini gastric bypass

In mini bypass, we create a bigger anastomosis so that you have freedom to eat and bypass 180 cm of intestine so that your food and gastric juices mixing is delayed. This results in delayed breakdown and absorption of nutrients. You need to take regular intake of supplements lifelong, which include calcium, multivitamins, proteins and Iron to avoid any nutritional deficiency in the body.

Can I smoke after mini gastric bypass / Smoking after gastric bypass surgery

One should avoid smoking after bariatric surgery but In gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass its an absolute contraindication. In chronic smokers, there is Ischemia at the site of gastrojejunostomy and patients can develop marginal ulcers which are difficult to heal and may perforate and could be life threatening. For these patients, sleeve gastrectomy or sleeve gastrectomy with bypass procedure is a better option for weight loss.

Do I have reduced absorption after mini bypass surgery

Mini gastric bypass is a malabsorptive procedure and causes lesser absorption of food and nutrients to induce weight loss. The weight loss stops after 1 year of mini gastric bypass and the reason is intestinal adaptation. The bypassed intestine increases its absorptive surface area in a year to absorb more nutrients to match body requirement. If you are taking any medications, they will get normally absorbed after 1 year of mini bypass surgery.

Side effects of mini bypass surgery

  • Nutritional deficiency if you don’t follow dietary guidelines: One should eat a balanced diet and take regular supplements as prescribed by the doctor to avoid any nutritional deficiency post mini gastric bypass.
  • Mild Hair loss: It’s a temporary phase post weight loss with or without bariatric surgery. It can be taken care of by eating a protein rich diet.
  • Increased Flatulence: Usually seen in patients not following dietary guidelines. One of the reasons for increased flatulence can be not chewing the food well or eating too fast without chewing food well.
  • Anemia: Regular testing can be done in patients who are prone to low hemoglobin or iron levels. Minimum once a year blood workup is advised to address iron or any other nutrition deficiency in patient post mini gastric bypass.
  • Loose motions: Usually seen in patients not following dietary guidelines. One of the reasons for loose motions can be taking solid and fluids together. Minimum 30 minute gap should be maintained between taking a solid and a liquid food item. Gulping liquids can also cause loose motions in some of the patients post mini gastric bypass.

Sex life Bariatric surgery / Sex weakness after Bariatric Surgery

Many people who are planning to undergo weight loss surgery have the myth that bariatric surgery may cause weakness and have poor sex life after surgery. In more than 90% of patients, the sex life improves after bariatric surgery. Weight loss helps in overall health including sex life of patients in following way

  • Weight loss results in lowering of the estrogen levels which helps in treating infertility in both men and women.
  • Lowering of fat and cholesterol from body results in Increases libido and energy levels
  • Weight loss increase over all confidence level

Can Mini Gastric Bypass cause Type 2 Diabetes Reversal / Type 2 Diabetes remission after Mini Gastric Bypass / Diabetes treatment with mini gastric bypass

If your BMI > 40 kg/m2 then almost all bariatric procedures are metabolic in nature. Excessive body fats cause insulin resistance in obese patient. Insulin resistance is cause of high blood sugar levels in 85% of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Mini gastric bypass causes diabetes reversal by 2 methods – Firstly, weight loss / fat loss reduces insulin resistance and secondly bypass of small intestine increases the incretin effect. The enhanced incretin hormones stimulate pancreas to produce more Insulin. This leads to patients maintaining normal blood sugar levels without any medicines or insulin.

Skin loosening/ sagging after weight loss surgery

Most of the obese people undergoing bariatric surgery or Mini Gastric Bypass have concern about skin loosening post weight loss. Not all patients undergoing bariatric surgery have a loose skin problem. The result depends on various factors:

  • Initial weight of the Patient – If you are planning to lose < 35 Kgs then skin sagging is very rare.
  • Regular exercise: Exercising can help you tone body muscles and in turn reduce skin sagging.
  • High protein diet: High protein diet helps in maintaining muscle mass thus reducing skin sagging after fat loss.
  • Age of the Patient – Skin sagging issues is more in old aged patients rather in young patients.

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