Bariatric Surgery Helps in Reverse Type- 2 Diabetes -Dr. Amit Garg

How Bariatric Surgery Helps in Reverse Type- 2 Diabetes In Patients?

Diabetic Surgery

How Bariatric Surgery Helps in Reverse Type- 2 Diabetes In Patients?

Obesity and diabetes are often mentioned in the same breath and the medical fraternity has been trying to find a single stone to kill both for a decade. Some seem to have found an answer by integrating Bariatric surgery with Diabetology.

Several studies have been done to link Bariatric surgery – often seen as a cosmetic procedure – and reversing diabetes in obese patients. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are often referred to as twin epidemics as there is a strong association between the two. While obesity can be reversed to a certain extent by lifestyle changes, sometimes Bariatric surgery is needed. We have evidence to prove that the surgery not only makes the patient lose weight, but also helps stabilize sugar levels, said Dr. Amit Garg, the best metabolic/Bariatric surgeon in Punjab, at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.
The unit has undertaken surgeries for patients with diabetes. For the diabetes was reversed, for others, their dependence on medication has come down dramatically.

“We had a 63 years old patient with diabetes from Canada weighing around 113 kgs under intense medication. She used to have medicines and three insulin shots a day. Immediately after Bariatric surgery, she was off insulin and other oral medications.” Shared Dr. Amit Garg, the best Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon in Punjab.
He said, “We take a lot of factors into account before the surgery, including age, insulin resistance, pancreatic function, and other risks. Even after surgery, not everyone can be cured. For some, it improves the quality of life and reduces dependence on insulin. The surgery works best for new diabetic patients.”

Dr. Amit Garg is the first one in North India to perform Loop Duodeno Jejunal Bypass Sleeve Gastrectomy for Type 2 Diabetes. He is one of the well-known surgeons for diabetes surgery in Punjab, India with a very high success rate.


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