Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Punjab | Best Weight Loss Surgery

Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Punjab


Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Punjab

Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Punjab

Last few decades have seen tremendous changes in India‛ lifestyle. Leisurely living and lack of physical exertions have given rise to morbid obesity. Weight loss is very common among middle-aged and elderly Indians. While gym, exercise, walks, and dieting is known as natural ways, surgery is the newest solution for weight loss. Dr. Amit Garg is the best weight loss surgeon in Punjab providing affordable and most effective laparoscopic surgeries.

Weight loss surgeries are serving cosmetic as well as medicinal purpose among obese people. Obesity impacts the overall life of the individual including social, psychological, and physical. It causes a variety of metabolic disorders and risks related to major organs like kidney and heart. Hence, weight loss surgeons in India today are providing the most advanced weight-reducing surgeries.

Bariatric Surgeons for Obesity

Obesity refers to an overweight condition where the BMI is clearing above the normal range. Obesity if intensified is known as morbid obesity where it starts causing many health issues. In severe cases, it is life-threatening for the patient. Dr. Amit is a distinguished bariatric surgeon in Chandigarh offering best programs for the treatment of obesity. He has experience of more than 500 weight loss surgeries. All the patients have succeeded in reducing excess weight after surgery.

Weight loss surgery is recommended if the level of obesity is severe and it is causing other health issues. The surgery is the least incisive and reduces the portion of the stomach to reduce the food intake capacity.

At Codsils, numerous surgeries have been performed successfully under the leadership of best doctor for obesity in Punjab. The clinic promises a better and healthier life immediately after surgery.

Weight Loss Surgeon for Most Long-Term Results

Codsils is a super speciality clinic that deals with all the health risks related to obesity. Dr. Amit Garg is an expert bariatric surgeon and offers all types of weight loss surgeries.

Types of surgeries for weight reduction at Codsils-

  • Roux en Y Gastric Bypass
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Adjustable gastric bands
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion

These surgeries not only make the person slim but also decrease the health risks caused by obesity. Dr. Amit is an IFF trained surgeon with vast experience in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. He has helped thousands of patients to reduce weight through natural methods and surgeries. Patients get due to support and consultation after surgeries.

Why Choose Us for Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr. Garg is promising a healthier and longer life to the patients with best possible patient care and support. The clinic is a state-of-the-art hospital set-up housed by efficient and caring medical staff. A team of professional surgeons, consultants, dieticians, and nurses give a pleasant experience to the patients admitted for surgery.

Dr. Amit is a director of Codsils and a veteran diabetes surgeon in Punjab. He is famous for his medical expertise in Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, and many other cities of the state. His surgical skills and diet control programs are pioneering in Punjab. Through his dedicated services in treatment of diabetes in Chandigarh, he has gained huge recognition as diabetes and weight loss doctor.

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