CODSILS Biggest Loser – 2014

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CODSILS Biggest Loser – 2014

Accumulation of excessive body fat is known as obesity. Obesity is measured and defined in terms of body mass index (BMI). A body mass index of more than 27.5 Kg/m2 indicates obesity. It is further classified as severe, morbid and super obesity in the order as the BMI increases. Obesity is a lifestyle disease which is spreading rapidly worldwide. Individuals of all age, gender and ethnicity are affected by this disease. Obesity renders an individual susceptible to various other diseases like hypertension, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea etc.

CODSILS is one of the few centre in the region which is doing extensive work to create awareness regarding the global epidemic – obesity. Dr Amit Garg, who is known as one of the best bariatric surgeon of the North India, founded CODSILS (Centre for Obesity, Diabetes & Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) with aim to support and cure people suffering from obesity.

In an initiative to create awareness and support for people suffering from obesity, monthly/yearly Obesity Support Group meetings are held under the guidance of Dr Amit Garg. In these support group meetings people from all walks of life participate (including patients who have under gone bariatric surgery ) and share about their struggle and victory stories.

In one such yearly support group meeting, Mr Madhur was crowned the BIGGEST LOSER 2014. After an accident, Madhur gained lot of weight. His weight reached 216 kgs when he met Dr Amit Garg. He was not able to walk and needed a stick for support. He underwent Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and lost 126 Kgs in 18 months. He is now leading an active and normal life. At the meeting Madhur shared, “ I am eternally grateful to Dr Amit Garg for giving me a new life. My family was very apprehensive initially. I could walk within 2 hrs of the surgery. Seeing me active and happy now, they are really a big fan of Dr Amit Garg.”

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