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The Importance of Protein After Bariatric Surgery


The Importance of Protein After Bariatric Surgery

The Importance of Protein After Bariatric Surgery

After Bariatric Surgery, including protein in all your meals is beneficial for weight-loss

  • Protein rich diet aids in proper wound healing after surgery
  • It is important for good health of your skin, hair, bones and nails
  • It helps form enzymes, hormones and immune system antibodies that help your body function effectively
  • Protein helps body burn fat instead of muscle for healthier weight loss
  • It helps curb hungers in between meals and enhances metabolism for quicker weight loss
  • When choosing animal proteins, choose only low fat, lean meats like skinless chicken etc

Recommended Protein Intake After Weight-Loss Surgery

It varies depending on type of surgery and individual needs. The basic guidelines include

60 to 80 grams a day for women

70 to 90 grams a day for men

Try not to exceed the recommended daily protein intake. More is not always better. Excess protein intake will result in excess calories which are not burned and will be stored as fat.

During the first few months after the surgery, patient are not able to consume enough protein from food due to reduced size of stomach. Many dietician add liquid protein supplements also to patient diet to meet the daily requirements.

This blog is for general information purposes and does not offer medical advice. Always consult your physician and surgical team for medical information

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