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Myths & facts about Bariatric Surgery

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Myths & facts about Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery (best weight loss surgery) is the only scientifically proven method for long term and effective weight loss. Before you decide on a surgery, you need to know your options and to debunk myths and misconceptions. Education on this surgery is vital before anyone makes a decision about it.

Myth# Fat is removed during surgery

Fact- Bariatric surgery works by changing the digestive system and making the stomach smaller. Weight loss is a gradual process after the surgery. We do not remove fat.

Myth# Surgery is dangerous

Fact- Surgery can in most cases be done laparoscopically (key hole) after rigorous testing for safety and has a low risk of complications (similar to gallbladder surgery).

Myth# Surgery is dangerous for older people.

Fact – While age can play a role in the safety of a surgery, it’s normal to see people in their 60s and 70s have successful surgeries.Bariatric weight loss surgery is a life-changing procedure that is beneficial to many people and could help you get where you want to be with your health. If you are considering bariatric surgery or if you have had bariatric surgery, CODSILS has many resources to help you along your weight loss journey.

Myth# I will need to rest after surgery (surgery has a long recovery time)

Fact- Advanced bariatric surgeries are done laparoscopically, which means lesser hospital stay. Most patients are encouraged to walk same night of surgery and need about 2 days in hospital and should be able to get back to routine in 7-10 days.

Myth# I will gain back the weight

Fact – Almost 90% patients are able to maintain weight loss even 10 years after surgery. The key is to remember that surgery is a tool but for best results use that tool and develop life-long healthy eating and exercise habits.

Myth# I will get weak

Fact – Mostly patients feel more energetic and active after surgery due to increased Basal Metabolic Rate, metabolic effects and losing excess weight.

Myth# It is risky to get pregnancy after surgery

Fact – Bariatric surgery can produce positive change in your fertility. Once your weight stabilizes, it is safe to get pregnant one year after surgery

Myth# You’ll still need blood pressure medication and insulin following surgery

Fact – If you’re a Type 2 diabetic, this surgery could help  you eliminate the need for insulin. You may also see such an improvement in your blood pressure that you’ll no longer need blood pressure medicine. Your body chemistry changes, and approximately 80 percent of patients and 60 percent with blood pressure concerns end up going into remission with no required medications.

Myth# Bariatric surgery isn’t covered by insurance

That’s not the reality. If you have conditions related to obesity, it’s actually much more likely that your insurance carrier will cover the procedure. Many insurance carriers including government insurance carriers are now covering bariatric surgeries.

CODSILS, weight loss centre, pursues an honest sense of providing customized and personalized solutions, with an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. An entire team of professionals work to provide you customized and excellent weight loss solutions, with due regards to physical, mental, and financial stress of the patient. At every step, the team of CODSILS focuses on your safety and comfort. We believe to thoroughly educate our patients about the weight loss procedure performed for an excellent outcome after the surgery.

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