Weight Loss Clinics in Chandigarh


Weight Loss Clinics in Chandigarh

Weight Loss Clinics in Chandigarh

Overweight brings lots of health risks for any healthy person if not controlled in time. Unfortunately, losing weight is not simple. It requires effective diet care, exercise, and some healthy lifestyle changes. Personal efforts do not work in most of the cases. Approaching weight loss centres is the best and affordable way to lose weight.

Cosmetic and therapeutic weight loss is possible in natural ways as well as surgeries. However, mild obesity does not require surgeries. Fasting aimlessly is either not possible or harmful for the body. It can deprive you of sufficient strength and nutrition. Hence, we see many people searching for weight loss clinics in Chandigarh. Codsils clinic is a providing most impactful and professionally managed weight loss programs in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, and other Delhi NCR regions.

Best Diet Clinic for Weight Reduction

Many times, dieting and exercise do not work either because it lacks a proper plan. Or the reason behind the obesity is not known. Obesity has many reasons including bad lifestyle, lack of exercise, high sugar level, hormonal changes, and thyroid. Certain medicines also lead to overweight in some cases. Unless and until the reason is known, efforts to lose weight may go in vain. Mostly unbalanced eating habits, high-calorie food, and lack of exercise lead to obesity.

Codsils is one of the best weight reducing clinic in Chandigarh that offers specialized weight loss programs. The weight reduction programs at Codsils are designed by expert dieticians and obesity specialists. Experienced nutritionists and dietician work under the leadership of Dr. Amit Garg who is a famous dietician in Chandigarh.

Weight Loss Programs and Diet Management

Benefits of a balanced and nutritious diet are abundant. They help in living a healthier and active life. Shedding off excess weight by joining a gym is the most common thing we observe. However, it is not possible for everyone to do strenuous exercises in the gym. Codsils offer best and simple solution for reducing weight by offering an excellent combination of mild physical exercise and diet plan. The clinic works following a professional method with personalized evaluations and plans.

  1. Evaluation of BMI and level of obesity
  2. Diagnosis of the obesity problem
  3. Evaluation of lifestyle and eating habits of the patient
  4. Determining minimum and maximum calorie intake
  5. Preparing a personalized diet chart
  6. Fitness tips and recommendations
  7. Scheduling follow-ups
  8. Analysing results
  9. Re-evaluation of BMI
  10. Improvements and alterations

Codsils offers a full-length weight loss program that covers changing lifestyle, calorie intake, and exercises, and much more.

Dr. Amit Garg is an expert dietician and metabolic surgeon who knows the right solution for any level of obesity. His accurate diet management and weight reducing treatment plans are helping many patients to cut on weight. He has also helped many patients of diabetes and high blood pressure to lose weight without affecting their health and nutrition.

Get safe weight loss plans at Codsils at affordable charges. The clinic is a famous slimming centre in Chandigarh today with best natural as well as surgical procedures. Patients with severe and morbid obesity also approach the clinic for weight reducing surgeries.

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