Diabetes Surgery in Punjab

Diabetes Surgery

Diabetes Surgery in Punjab

Diabetes Surgery in Punjab

There are many diabetes hospitals available in Punjab. Codsils is one of the most reliable hospitals for diabetes surgery in North India. The clinic proudly makes Punjab the best place to get permanent treatment for Type 2 diabetes. This chronic lifestyle disease is present worldwide including India having a large number of patients.

Lately, a surgical solution for diabetes type 2 is helping people to get rid of this complicated disorder. Weight loss surgeries are now proven to be effective in the treatment of diabetes as well. Dr. Amit Garg is an experienced diabetes surgeon and offers the best diabetes surgery in Punjab.

What is Diabetes Surgery

Gastric bypass surgeries and other bariatric surgeries are known as diabetes surgeries. The single incisive laparoscopic surgical process alters the gastric intestinal tract for weight loss. This improvement helps in a significant level of weight reduction and thereby causes sugar level to drop.

Type 2 diabetes is the major form of diabetes mellitus found in almost 95% of all the diabetic patients. As research shows, obesity is the most common reason for diabetes type 2. Metabolic disorder impacts all the organs and hampers a normal healthy life. Severe diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, kidney failure, urinary problems, sleep apnea, blindness, and infertility.

Hence, it is important to find a permanent or long-term solution for diabetes type 2. Since obesity is the main cause of diabetes, weight loss surgeries are the most effective cure. Various diabetes surgeries are popular today. At Codsils, Dr. Amit Garg is offering all types of diabetes surgeries depending upon the severity of the disease in the patient.

How Diabetes Surgeries Work

Codsils is a centre for obesity, diabetes, and single incision laparoscopic surgery. It is one of the best clinic providing gastric bypass surgery in Punjab. The metabolic surgery works effectively for the patients of obesity as well as diabetes.

Know more about the surgery and how it works towards the permanent treatment of diabetes type II.

Diabetes surgery improves the diabetic condition of the patients in many ways-

  1. It decreases the sugar level in the blood
  2. Allow one to live without medications and insulin injections
  3. Helps in treating diabetes-related health issues

As the patients visit our clinic, they are diagnosed in detail. Their disorder is evaluated in length and the best possible surgery is recommended.

A team of experienced surgeons at Codsils provide all types of metabolic surgeries including gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. If you think you are suffering from acute diabetes, drop in or call for an honest and friendly consultation.

Surgeries are performed laparoscopically and hence requires minimum cut and bandages for the patients. The patients recover very fast and require a minimum stay in the hospital. The surgeries today are the only long-term or permanent cure for diabetes mellitus.

Codsils is a diabetes centre where best post-surgical patient support and consultation are provided. This helps the patients to retain the good results of the surgery for a long time. Many patients are completely cured of the disease after surgeries. Many have found a life free of insulin injections and major health risks. The doctors at the clinic hold vast experience of bariatric surgeries in diabetic patients.

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