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About Dr Amit Garg
Dr Amit Garg is a renowned minimal access, bariatric and metabolic surgeon. He is considered as best laparoscopic surgeon of North India who has done more than 5000 laparoscopic surgeries. He is the First surgeon of Chandigarh, Tricity who performed Single incision bariatric surgery in 2014. He is the best gastro surgeon in Mohali.
What Is The Function Of Gall Bladder?
Gall bladder is a small greenish balloon shaped reservoir located and adhered on the lower side of liver. Bile is a juice produced from the liver and is stored in the gall bladder. When a person eats food, the gall bladder contracts and all the bile is released in to the Common bile duct to reach duodenum.
What Are Gallstones?
Gallstones also known as biliary calculi are small stones made of calcium oxalate, cholesterol, bile pigment and mixed stones. Formation of gall bladder stones is very common in India especially in North India because of consumption high fat diet. Gallstones are more common in females than males.Gallstones usually don’t cause any problem and are asymptomatic in most of the patients. In a case you have multiple small stones, then stone may get stuck in the cystic duct causing obstruction to flow of bile to common bile duct. Some times gallstones cause acute inflammation of the gall bladder and it’s called Acutecholecystitis.
Symptoms Of Gall Bladder Stones
Gallstones are asymptomatic in 80% of patients.
In 20% it may cause symptoms, which may include:
Pain in the abdomen, which may worsen after a fatty meal, nausea, vomiting, fever, Jaundice, indigestion, acidity or Gastritis

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    Types of gall bladder stones
    • Cholesterol stones which are yellowish in color
    • Pigment stones are greenish brown in color
    • Mixed stones are the commonest stones
    What are risk factors for gallstone formation?
    • Female
    • Fat
    • Fertile
    • Forty years age
    • Food rich in high cholesterol
    • Sudden weight loss
    • Prolonged fasting
    How to Diagnose gallstones?
    • Gallstones are diagnosed on a fasting ultrasound in 99% of patients. In few patients they may get accidently diagnosed on an routine abdominal X ray.
    What are the Complications of gallstones

    In asymptomatic patients, you don’t need any treatment.
    In symptomatic patients it may cause various symtoms and complications –

    • Biliary colic – a small gall stone can get stuck and block the lumen of cystic duct, whichmay cause acute biliary colic, nausea or vomiting.
    • Inflammation of the gallbladder (Acute cholecystitis) – blockage of the cystic duct may cause infection or inflammation of the gall bladder
    • Jaundice – if a gallstone moves further and blocks the main common bile duct then patient then patient might develop jaundice. Jaundice means rise in the bilirubin level and this happens when bile salts and pigments produced by the liver start mixing in blood as the outlet is obstructed with stone.
    • Cholangitis mean acute inflammation of the bile ducts
    Treatment for gall bladder stones / gall stones in Mohali
    • Diet modifications by reducing intake of fat and diary products
    • Conservative treatment is given in patients with acute symptoms like I.V Antibiotics and pain Killers.
    Surgical removal of the gallbladder / cholecystectomy in Mohali Punjab

    90% of patients with gall bladder stone disease will need surgery. In surgery unlike renal calculi stones are not removed rather entire gall bladder is taken out. Laparoscopic removal of the gall bladder is the standard technique. However few patients may require open cholecystectomy if gall bladder is acutely inflamed and lots of adhesions are present.

    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the standard procedure for gall bladder removal. It can be done through 3 ports or standard 4 ports. After pacing the standard ports, callot’s triangle dissection is done. Cystic artery and duct are ligated and cut. Gall bladder is separated from the gall bladder fossa and taken out through epigastric port.
    • open surgery is rarely done now a days and is indicated only as a conversion procedure from lap to open surgery due to adhesions
    Recovery after gallbladder surgery

    Recovery after laparoscopic surgery is very good. Fe w patients might feel mild pain or heaviness in shoulder because of Pneumoperitoneum
    Patient are allowed to walk after 2 hours, started orally after 6 hours and are discharged next day morning.

    Complications after gallbladder surgery

    Possible complications include:

    • Infection
    • Internal bleeding
    • Injury to nearby digestive organs or bile ducts
    • Leakage of bile into the abdominal cavity
    • Injury to blood vessels.
    Best hospital for gall bladder surgery in Mohali?

    Gall bladder surgery in Mohali is done by most of the hospitals. However before deciding on the hospital it should be done from the best and advanced laparoscopic surgeon.

    Who is the best gastro surgeon in Mohali ?

    Gall bladder removal or Lap cholecystectomy is a very common procedure and is done by all general surgeons. If you get your gall bladder surgery from a highly experienced surgeon then chances of complications are less and if you get it done from advanced laparoscopic surgeon then chances of conversion from lap to open are minimal even if your case is complicated. Dr Amit Garg is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Mohali who is working at Fortis hospital Mohali since 2014

    Scarless gall bladder removal surgery in Mohali

    Gall bladder is removed normally through standard 4 ports. However, Gall bladder surgery can be done through single Port i.e., through the navel / belly button. It requires a very high level of expertise to do scarless laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Dr Amit Garg is one of the few surgeon of north India who has vast experience of performing single incision or scarless gall bladder surgery. Scarless word is misnomer as scar is there but is present in umbilicus and not visible on abdomen.

    Low cost gall bladder surgery in Mohali

    The cost of gall bladder removal surgery varies from hospital to hospital. On an average the cost varies from 30K to 100k depending upon the hospital, room category and surgeon experience.
    Gall bladder surgery is covered under mediclaim by all insurance providers, CGHS, ECHS and Ayushmanbharat scheme.

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