Samarthya: Obesity & Diabetes Support Group Meeting – A Ray of hope 2 - Dr.Amit Garg

Samarthya: Obesity & Diabetes Support Group Meeting – A Ray of hope 2

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon

Samarthya: Obesity & Diabetes Support Group Meeting – A Ray of hope 2

Fortis Hospital, Mohali  organised a obesity and diabetes support group meeting on Saturday, 13 April 2019.  The Obesity & Diabetes Support Group Meeting was initiated by Dr Amit Garg, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon in 2014 with the vision of offering world-class obesity and diabetes solutions to patients; a dream that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

Obesity is an increasingly common condition in the modern era. Lack of proper exercise, irregular eating habits, an overall unhealthy lifestyle, etc., contributes to the growing obesity rates. This support group is dedicated to those of us struggling with obesity. It provides an ecosystem to interact with others who are facing the same challenges and triumphs and helps people understand the benefits of bariatric surgery and other treatment procedures to overcome the disease.

Dr. Amit Garg is endearingly referred to as one of the most recognizable faces in bariatric and advanced laparoscopic surgery today. This is the result of years of pioneering work in the field of bariatric surgery and the high levels of skill that he brings to his practice. e is the first one in North India to perform Loop duodenojejunal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy for Type 2 diabetes. He has performed the largest number of Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgeries (SILS – also known as zero scar Bariatric Surgery)  in North India with a very high success rate.  Dr. Amit Garg is one of the best bariatric surgeon in North India and has many international publications to his credit.

/Comprising a three hour structured program with sessions on understanding diabetes and obesity, why problem is increasing rampantly, how life style modification can help, what is metabolic surgery etc, the meeting was beneficial for morbid obese, type 2 diabetics, all diabetics with obesity, obese with hypertension, sleep apnea or other co morbidities.  Around 100 participants including patients operated in the past attended this obesity support group meeting.  The meeting was also attended by Mrs Dolly Malkiat ( Singer, Actor & Entrepeneur) and Ms Manni Boparai ( Model & Actor) as guest of honour.

Obesity comes with significant emotional and psychological stress. Bariatric surgery, by enabling sustained weight loss, corrects most negative emotions harbored by patients for lifetime such as depression, low confidence and low self esteem due to obesity. However, some patients who are struggling with obesity and patients after Bariatric surgery too may feel a different type of emotional stress as they disassociate themselves with the old food habits and lifestyle. Thus, this  Support Group Meeting also focused on stressed over eating and  managing emotions to sustain weight-loss after surgery.

Dr. BK. Waraich, renownedt Psychiatrist,  guest speaker of the day, addressed a group of over 100 patients and shared tips for making lifestyle modifications easy, avoiding substance abuse under stress, and developing healthy attitudes, beliefs and habits to sustain durable weight-loss after Bariatric surgery.

Dr Sonia Gandhi, Head Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, shared details about diet and weight management. She shared alarming facts about the fad diets  and their adverse effect on our health. She  shared importance of eating balance diet.

Mrs Kuldeep, Mrs Rosy  – two successful patients of Fortis Hospital  were present in the meeting and shared their inspiring weight-loss stories.

Mrs Poonam, a leading choreographer of Pollywood shared her success story about how she got rid of all her diabetic medicines after undergoing Metabolic/ Diabetic Surgery by Dr Amit Garg. She lost 32 kgs after the surgery and now leading a diabetes free and energetic life.

Mrs Dipika Swarup from Gurgaon,  who has lost more than 100 kilos of excess weight since her surgery, used to be confined to  her home as she could not walk  before her surgery. It was a proud moment for her to step onto the stage on her own two feet and motivate the group. She was crowned as The Biggest Loser 2019.

Dr Amit Garg  and team took questions and queries from the vibrant patients who turn up in large numbers to  support group meetings conducted  regularly by the team. Dr Amit Garg in his address shared that patients who attend support group meetings are more likely to stick to their post-surgery regime and ensure sustained weight loss.  He said , Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery are boon for treating obesity which has become 2nd preventable cause of death after smoking. It is done laparoscopically and the patient can resume normal work within few days of surgery. He also added that there is a rise in awareness about these procedures and now many obese patients from remote villages are also getting surgeries done to treat obesity or diabetes.

The support group meetings at Fortis Hospital, Mohali  are free of charge and open to our patients as well as other people who are struggling with obesity and problems related to obesity. But prior registration is mandatory to attend obesity support group meetings.

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