Why Dr. Amit Garg known as the best metabolic surgeon or best surgeon for Diabetes surgery in India ? | Fortis Hospital (Mohali)

Dr Amit Garg, the best Diabetes / Metabolic Surgery  in Punjab is a senior consultant, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, Punjab, India. He is the pioneer of sleeve gastrectomy with proximal jejunal bypass in India and has done the highest number of metabolic surgeries to treat Type 2 Diabetes in Punjab, India. He has over 12 years of experience and helped thousands of patients to reverse their diabetes.

Dr Amit Garg is the First surgeon in Punjab, India to perform loop duodenojejunal bypass for type 2 diabetes in non-obese patients in 2014. He has undergone extensive training for metabolic surgery under renowned Dr. C. k. Huang at E-DA,Taiwan.

Dr. Amit Garg, Director CODSILS ( Centre of Obesity, Diabetes and Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) Mohali, India, founded the centre in 2014 with a vision to create awareness and exclusive centre for weight loss and diabetes surgery in the Punjab, India region. Dr Amit Garg has collaborated with major multispeciality hospitals (Fortis Hospital, Ivy Hospital, Shalby Hospital) in the region for metabolic surgeries.

If you are looking for diabetes reversal or best surgeon for type 2 diabetes in India, DrAmit Garg is the only surgeon in North India who performs different types of metabolic procedures for obese and non-obese patients. For years, type 2 diabetes was poorly understood and with the advent of bariatric surgery as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, more and more people are looking for diabetes reversal with Surgery. Metabolic surgery for diabetes is recommended worldwide by WHO, International Diabetes Federation, USA and Diabetes UK.Sleeve with proximal jejunal bypass or intestinal bypass is one of the simple and physiological procedures for Type 2 diabetes reversal.

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    Sleeve with Proximal Jejunal Bypass Procedure Details

    There are very few centers in India where gastric sleeve with intestinal bypass for Type 2 diabetes is performed. At CODSILS Mohali, we do this procedure for patients who have poor control of diabetes and obesity or for patients suffering from metabolic syndrome.

    Gastric sleeve is done as a standard laparoscopic procedure. After gastric sleeve, we identify the Ligament of Treitz and divide the intestine 40 cm distal to it. Then we create a blind loop of 200 – 300 cm depending on the c-peptide levels of patients and then we do jejuno–jejunostomy to complete the procedure. This procedure requires a high protein intake and lifelong supplements of calcium, multivitamins and Iron.

    Why is Dr Amit Garg is the best surgeon for Type 2 diabetes reversal ?

    Recovery after Diabetes surgery

    • Patient is allowed to walk on same day of surgery
    • Started with liquid diet on same day after 6 hours
    • Discharged from hospital on 3rd day
    • Patient can resume normal routine work post discharge
    Is Diabetes Surgery Safe in India?

    In expert hands, all metabolic procedures are safe. Dr. Amit Garg and his team has successfully done metabolic surgeries for patients with poor control of diabetes from various cities from India and abroad. At CODSILS, we follow all international safety protocols related to pre surgery, during surgeries and post surgery. These surgeries are done laparoscopically, thus recovery is fast and patients can return to their normal routine post discharge.

    Who are the candidates for gastric sleeve with proximal jejunal bypass / Metabolic surgery / diabetes surgery?
    • Patients with BMI > 35 Kg/m2 with Type 2 diabetes
    • Patients with BMI > 27.5 with poor control of type diabetes despite of medical therapy
    • Patients with C – Peptide > 1 and HbA1c >7
    How Gastric Sleeve with Intestinal Bypass Cause Diabetes reversal / How diabetes surgery works?
    • Gastric sleeve causes calorie restriction, which in turn reduces and divides the load on pancreas. The reduced load matches the amount of insulin produced by pancreas.
    • Calorie restriction also leads to weight loss and it decreases insulin resistance. This also improves the sensitivity of Insulin.
    • Intestinal Bypass is aimed to have enhanced Incretin effect. After adding a bypass, there is swifter delivery of food to the terminal ileum which stimulates the incretin hormones like GLP1 and PYY. This causes enhanced insulin secretion from the pancreas.
    • The combined effect of sleeve with intestinal bypass makes it a very powerful tool for reversal of type 2 Diabetes.
    Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy with Proximal Jejunal Bypass
    • Very powerful surgery for diabetes reversal
    • Duration of surgery is short : around 90 minutes
    • Lesser chances of obstruction or internal hernias
    • Very less chances of malnutrition
    • Physiological procedure
    Life after Diabetes Surgery in Punjab?

    Patients lead a normal life post Diabetes surgery. Patients are encouraged to start liquids on the same day of surgery with small sips and within 1 month they are able to start a normal diet. Our patients are very happy after metabolic surgery as it causes diabetes remission in the first month of surgery in most of the patients. The aim of the metabolic surgery is to lower your HbA1c < 6.5 without oral medications.

    Diet after Diabetes Surgery in Punjab

    Within the first month of the diabetes surgery, patients go through 4 phases of diet – Liquid diet, Puree diet, Soft diet, Normal diet.
    For the long term success of Sleeve PJB/ Diabetes Surgery, one has to avoid high calorie diets or liquids and focus on a high protein diet with regular exercise.

    Cost of Diabetes surgery in India Cost of bariatric surgery in Punjab cost of Metabolic surgery in India Low cost Diabetes surgery in India Diabetes Surgery cost in Punjab

    The average cost of diabetes surgery at CODSILS Punjab varies from 3.5 lakhs to 4.0 lakhs depending on the room category and choice of hospital. For more detailed information on cost visit our page of cost of bariatric surgery in India

    Best hospital for Diabetes Surgery in Punjab

    There are very few centers in Punjab where diabetes surgery is performed. All diabetes surgeries are done in patients with poor control of diabetes with low immunity levels. These patients require a multidisciplinary team approach so they should be done in hospitals that have the entire team of doctors under one roof to handle all health problems of the patient. Second important factor is the experience of the surgeon. The ideal place of getting the surgery is from an experienced diabetes surgeon in a good multispecialty hospital.

    Diabetes Surgery in New Delhi

    Since the advent of diabetes surgery, many international patients do look for Diabetes Surgery in Delhi but very few surgeons perform metabolic surgery for Type 2 Diabetes due to its complexity. Dr Amit Garg, Senior Consultant bariatric and metabolic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali, Punjab, India is the best surgeon for Diabetes surgery in india. His team offers packages which are affordable suited for patients who do not have insurance coverage.

    Side effects of Diabetes Surgery

    Side effects of diabetes surgery include nutritional deficiency if patients do not follow the dietary guidelines prescribed post diabetes surgery. These procedures are powerful tools for remission of diabetes provided the patient remains committed to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits post surgery.
    Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease and if you want to avoid side effects you need to follow the guidelines. One has to avoid high calories for long term glycemic control.

    Side effects of Diabetes surgery

    • Nutritional deficiency if you don’t follow diet
    • Mild Hair loss
    • Anemia
    • Loose motions
    Do I need to take supplements after diabetes surgery

    Life long regular intake of supplements is required which include calcium, multivitamins, proteins and Iron.

    Sex life after Diabetes surgery / Sex weakness after Metabolic Surgery

    Most patients with Type 2 Diabetes have underlying neuropathy (weak nerves) and dyslipidemia. Increased cholesterol level and dyslipidemia causes reduced blood supply to the penis. After diabetes surgery, dyslipidemia stops but it takes time for neuropathy to recover. It’s always recommended to go for diabetes surgery before major and irreversible damage has occurred. After diabetes surgery patients often experience increased Libido because of control of Type 2 Diabetes. It’s recommended to take a low calorie, high protein diet and do regular exercise to improve sexual function.

    Diabetes Surgery Versus Medical Therapy

    The Aim of both treatments is to control your blood sugars and bring your HbA1c < 6.5. Diabetes surgery helps delay the disease progression of type 2 diabetes; whereas despite medical therapy people develop the complications of diabetes like retinopathy, neuropathy, cardiopathy etc. these complications are because Diabetes causes dyslipidemia and metabolic surgery helps in control of dyslipidemia. As per the recent guidelines If your BMI > 40 Kg/m2 and have Type 2 diabetes, Bariatric surgery is the first line of treatment.

    Is Sleeve Gastrectomy with PJB Better than Gastric Sleeve alone ?

    Gastric sleeve alone can result in resolution of Type 2 Diabetes in morbidly obese patients. Whereas in patients who have poor pancreatic function then intestinal bypass is added to sleeve to have enhanced insulin production and better control of Type 2 Diabetes. After evaluating the pancreatic function of the individual and other parameters, Dr Amit Garg decides if sleeve gastrectomy alone is suitable or an intestinal bypass has to be added for better control of diabetes.

    Can Type 2 diabetes reappear after Metabolic / Diabetes surgery

    Diabetes is strongly linked with Obesity and it’s a progressive disease. If you are able to maintain weight after diabetes surgery and taking care of your diet and exercise then chances of diabetes recurrence are very low. We haven’t encountered Diabetes recurrence in our patients in 5 years follow up.

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