What is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy & why doesn’t it work for some people?

vertical sleeve gastrectomy

What is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy & why doesn’t it work for some people?

The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most popular weight loss surgery in the world today. It’s a very powerful surgery for sustained weight loss.

A vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) is a minimally invasive procedure during which the size of your stomach is reduced to three or four ounces. This limits the amount of food you can eat to help you lose weight. After a VSG, levels of ghrelin — a hunger hormone — also drop, so your appetite is initially reduced.


Why doesn’t it work for some people?

As a Bariatric surgeon (Dr. Amit Garg, the best Bariatric surgeon in Punjab, India) has identified five main reasons why the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) may not give the expected results.

1. Not understanding how the gastric sleeve works

The original stomach is reduced by about 75%. Soon after the surgery, you will be able to eat around 60–120 ml of food and later on around 120 to 180 ml. The commitment required post gastric sleeve is not to overeat. Stuffing the stomach with excess food immediately post-surgery may result in complications. If one starts overeating after a few months post-surgery, it will reduce the effect of the sleeve and the desired result may not be achieved.

2. Unhealthy Diet post gastric sleeve

Patients who are not committed to following healthy eating can fail to get the effect of the gastric sleeve on weight loss. Eating high-calorie food like processed foods, junk food, and aerated drinks high in sugar, alcohol, etc. Can lead to weight gain. Following a healthy balanced diet in the right portion is very important for providing nutrition to the body and achieving the desired weight loss.

3. Not Exercising

Another commitment required post sleeve gastrectomy surgery is to exercise to maintain positive energy input and output balance. Exercise speeds up weight loss and also helps in skin tightening by maintaining muscle mass.

4. Medications

Some people who take certain medicines like steroids or antidepressants can have weight gain as a possible side effect.

5. Technical Reasons

Some surgeons may not remove the area of the stomach from where ghrelin hormone (hunger hormone) is produced, this may affect weight loss.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is a very powerful solution for people struggling with weight loss. Following post-surgery guidelines, including diet and lifestyle modification can help in achieving the desired weight loss and optimum health.


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