No 1 Weight Loss Centre in Punjab

Codsils Weight Loss Centre

No 1 Weight Loss Centre in Punjab

No 1 Weight Loss Centre in Punjab

Codsils is one of the most reputed bariatric weight loss centres in Punjab and NCR region. It is the top centre for obesity treatment with a high level of excellence. The brain behind Codsils is a renowned weight loss surgeon Dr. Amit Garg who has performed numerous successful surgeries. Patients of morbid obesity receive effective treatment at Codsils.

Weight loss is a major issue today. With an increase in high-calorie diet and lack of physical activities, obesity is a common problem. Once abnormally high, it results in various health problems. From metabolic disorder like diabetes to infertility, obesity impacts all the organs of the body. Weight loss surgeries are the best option for treatment of obesity and diabetes.

Best Place for Surgical Weight Loss

Obesity is a complicated health issue and causes many risks for the person. It causes many disorders and hampers normal healthy life. Weight loss through surgeries is growing popular in India very fast. When it is about weight loss surgery, much depends upon post-surgical care and consultation.

Highlights of Codsils Weight Loss Centre-

  • Pleasant and highly facilitated hospital set-up
  • Excellent post-surgical care and consultation
  • Professional and caring staff
  • Long-term results
  • Post-surgical diet management support
  • Minimum hospital stay
  • Laparoscopic surgeries

Codsils offers the best patient support program after weight loss surgeries. Patients from Punjab and other North India cities approach Codsils for effective weight loss.

With hundreds of successful surgeries to its credit, Codsils is a no. 1 weight loss centre in Punjab. Word of mouth support from happy patients has helped the clinic to reach greater heights. Dr. Amit‛s professional expertise and surgical skills have brought health and happiness in many lives.

Obesity Clinic in Punjab

Not all obese patients need to resort to the surgeries. Surgeries are best for those who are suffering from morbid obesity. You can reduce weight through natural ways and little medical care if it is not severe. Codsils also offer best weight loss programs through diet management and fitness programs. Dr. Amit Garg is also a famous dietician and running successful weight reducing clinic in Punjab. At Codsils, he offers an accurate and full range diet management program. A patient is evaluated in detail and diagnosed for obesity.

Obesity occurs due to many reasons like heredity, thyroid, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise. Doctors at Codsils get deep into the reasons and plan a personalized weight loss program. Healthy and balanced diet and a certain amount of physical exercise help in timely weight reduction. Non-obese are also less prone to disorders like high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Consultants and dietician give a daily diet chart and all you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Our dieticians take proper care of your nutrition during the program. Patients lose weight without any risk of malnutrition and weakness.

Codsils is a great place for weight reducing and helping people in Punjab to get rid of mild as well as morbid obesity. If you think you need surgical help to reduce weight, do get in touch. Our team will evaluate your BMI and level of obesity to determine the best solution for you.

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