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Tips for success of weight loss post bariatric surgery


Tips for success of weight loss post bariatric surgery

Weight loss post bariatric surgery is a journey not a destination. It is important to remember that it is not a quick fix solution for all the problems in your life. Weight loss surgery is a tool but one need to be disciplined to achieve and maintain your long term health goals. Making healthy choices and maintain a healthy life style are critical to maintain long term weight loss. Here are tips recommended for people who are in maintenance phase post bariatric surgery.

Practice mindful eating

  • Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly.
  • Avoid problematic foods such as tough, fibrous or overcooked meats, skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables, nuts and popcorn.
  • Never over eat. Stop eating when you begin to feel full. Over eating may cause stomach pouch dilation in long run and may lead to weight regain.
  • Drink adequate (6-8 glasses) water daily to avoid dehydration.
  • When going out, never be stranded without food. Always carry healthy snacks in your bag.
  • When eating out, use a small plate or bowl especially at buffet.
  • Maintain a food diary to find way to change your eating habits.


Eat small & frequent Meals

  • Skipping meals does not help in weight loss. In fact it slows down the basal metabolic rate in long run.
  • Eat frequent small meals which include three main meals with 2-3 mini meals in a day.
  • Opt for healthy snacks like sprouts, fruits etc. in between meals. Eat only if hungry.


Eat protein rich diet

  • Post bariatric surgery protein is the most important nutrient. It helps the body in healing, support rapid weight loss, good for glycemic control and help in building lean body mass
  • Try to eat it first in every meal. Take minimum 60-80 grams of protein in a day.
  • You can add recommended protein supplements to meet your daily protein needs.


Avoid consuming empty calories

  • Foods like canned juices, sweetened drinks or biscuits etc., that are high in calories but low in other nutrients are referred to as empty calories. They contain energy but little in the way of essential nutrient.
  • Eating high amount of foods that are high in empty calories will cause nutrient deficiency and also interfere with your weight loss process.


Avoid Sugar and food with sugar content

  • Avoid taking castor sugar, honey, jiggery, jams, canned juices and squashes or sugary beverages to avoid dumping syndrome post bariatric surgery.
  • You can add fresh fruits in curd, milk, porridge in instead of sugar.
  • When shopping for grocery, always read labels for sugar content .
  • Metabolic surgery/ diabetes surgery which helps resolve Type Diabetes. Taking sugar may interfere with long term response and results.


Drinking liquids

  • Don’t drink liquids when eating solid food. It may force foods through the stomach pouch too quickly and may cause dumping syndrome in gastric bypass patients.
  • Take liquids minimum 30 minutes before and after meals .
  • Don’t use straw to drink liquids as then more air is taken in and satiety occurs faster. It may also cause discomfort in stomach.
  • Avoid drinking aerated drinks as they Increase thirst& hunger, cause loss of fluids (sue to their diuretic effects) and can Increase risk of kidney stones.
  • Opt for healthy options such as coconut water, lemon water, lassi, butter milk, veg soups and veg juices to fulfill daily liquid requirement.
  • Avoid Alcohol intake


Take recommended nutritional supplements

  • After bariatric surgery, one needs to be very vigilant with their daily supplements.
  • Bariatric patients are required to take Multivitamins and doses of Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin B12.
  • This is a lifetime commitment.


Life Style changes post bariatric surgery

  • Meal planning is important. Eat Healthy
  • Exercise. Workout with a combination of cardio & strength training.
  • Don’t avoid your follow up visits. Regular follow up will keep you motivated and also help timely diagnosis and treatment for nutritional deficiency, surgical complication or any health issue.


Don’t give up, stick to your goals and stay happy!!

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