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Vandana Sharma’s Story: From 151 Kgs to 78 Kgs in 18 months

Vandana Sharma

Vandana Sharma’s Story: From 151 Kgs to 78 Kgs in 18 months

I am 55 years old now. My weight at the time of my marriage in 1986 was 47 kgs. I gradually started gaining weight post my pregnancies and birth of both my sons in the year 1988 and 1990 respectively. In 2015, my weight was 130 kgs. Within few years it reached 151 Kgs. I was unable to walk even small distance from my bed to washroom. I rarely stepped out of my house and doing my daily household chorus became very difficult. I used to feel embarrass about my weight. I felt that everyone is staring at me and laughing at me. I developed serious problem of sleep apnea. I could not sleep lying on the bed. I used to sleep sitting on the sofa. I was advised by many doctors to lose weight but nothing worked for me at this weight. I was recommended by doctors to undergo bariatric surgery to safe my life. I was a very high risk case for any surgeon due to my high BMI (70 kg/m2) along with health issues like high blood pressure and severe sleep apnea. I got consultation from few bariatric surgeons in the northern region but I could not get any confidence. But Dr Amit Garg at CODSILS gave me lot of confidence and I decided to get my surgery done immediately.

I underwent bariatric surgery on 11 July 2019. It’s been 18 months now and I lost 78 kgs. My sleep apnea and high blood pressure issues got resolved within few weeks post-surgery. Three months after the surgery when my weight was at 115 Kgs, I went abroad with my husband for a trip. I was able to walk and enjoy the trip. It was after more than a decade that I have gone out with my husband. I felt alive.

I can’t thank enough Dr Amit Garg and his team for all the support and warmth. He and his team is always there for me just a call away. Bariatric surgery transformed my life completely. I am full of energy and positivity and feel at the top of the world.

Mrs. Vandana Sharma

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