Best Bariatric Surgeon in Chandigarh

Bariatric surgeries are fast increasing in India treatment of obesity. The surgery is already accepted worldwide as a permanent solution to weight loss. The surgery is the least incisive and hence quite convenient for the patients. If you are looking for the best bariatric surgeon in Chandigarh, visit Codsils clinic in the city. Codsils is founded by top diabetes specialist Dr. Amit Garg to provide advanced weight loss surgeries in North India.


Best Dietician in Chandigarh

A big number on the weight machine display can be disturbing as well alarming in many cases. Whether you want to lose weight from mild to slim or obese to moderate; Codsils provides most result-oriented plans. The clinic is founded and managed by top dietician Dr. Amit Garg. Based in Chandigarh, the clinic is famous in Northern India for diet management, diabetes, and weight loss surgeries.


Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Chandigarh

Weight loss surgeries are the only option when a patient is suffering from severe obesity. The best and most effective way of weight loss is none other than surgery. Various surgeries for reduction of weight are also known as bariatric surgery. Codsils is a reputed centre for obesity and diabetes management providing the best weight loss surgery in Chandigarh. The clinic is a brainchild of top weight loss surgeon Dr. Amit Garg.


Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Punjab

Last few decades have seen tremendous changes in India‛ lifestyle. Leisurely living and lack of physical exertions have given rise to morbid obesity. Weight loss is very common among middle-aged and elderly Indians. While gym, exercise, walks, and dieting is known as natural ways, surgery is the newest solution for weight loss. Dr. Amit Garg is the best weight loss surgeon in Punjab providing affordable and most effective laparoscopic surgeries.


Diabetes Surgery in Chandigarh

There are many diabetes hospitals available in Chandigarh. Codsils is one of the most reliable hospitals for diabetes surgery in North India. The clinic proudly makes Chandigarh the best place to get permanent treatment for Type 2 diabetes. This chronic lifestyle disease is present worldwide including India having a large number of patients.


No 1 Weight Loss Centre in Chandigarh

Codsils is one of the most reputed bariatric weight loss centres in Chandigarh and Tricity region. It is the top centre for obesity treatment with a high level of excellence. The brain behind Codsils is a renowned weight loss surgeon Dr. Amit Garg who has performed numerous successful surgeries. Patients of morbid obesity receive effective treatment at Codsils.


Weight Loss Clinics in Chandigarh

Overweight brings lots of health risks for any healthy person if not controlled in time. Unfortunately, losing weight is not simple. It requires effective diet care, exercise, and some healthy lifestyle changes. Personal efforts do not work in most of the cases. Approaching weight loss centres is the best and affordable way to lose weight.



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